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Vanessa's Background

Vanessa commenced DRU Yoga teacher training in June 2009 and graduated in Nov 2011 with a DRU Yoga Teaching Diploma.

Since August 2010 she has been leading the Breath of Life Yoga group in Canberra.

Vanessa holds a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy and has extensive work history in the Canberra region working as a community Occupational Therapist with children, families, people with disabilities and illness issues. Her understanding of health condition, human development, biomechanics and OH&S is of benefit to the participants in her yoga groups.
Vanessa's interest in yoga

Is unfolding, "There are so many great things to know, consider, explore!"

"Life isn't always easy but it's always teaching us something about ourselves and the world we live in."

Seeing life from the perspective of a learning journey and that all learning is a good thing is a thought that allows gratitude to be awakened within us for what we have in life despite adversity. Hope and optimism, happiness and joy can still grow within the heart when you embrace what there is to learn from the experiences we have.

To share the discovery and learning through Yoga about stress management and health, the heart-mind-body-health connection with like minded people is very important to me.

When stressed we tend to take in short shallow breaths, everything is effortful and we don't necessaryily think creatively; stress causes disharmony in our entire system. Long term stress results in disease. Using breath-work techniques throughout the day is important in managing thoughts, emotions and the physical symptoms of stress eg. tension in muscles and around body organs.

When we take the time to nurture ourselves through the practice of Yoga the min, emotions and hysical body come into a place of balance, harmony, a sense of inner stillness and peace. Practicing yoga allows tie for each of us to appreciate our bodies, our unique personal qualities and the life journey that we are on. The use of affirmations and visualisations aids in recharging our systems with posivitivity, creativity and a belief in humanity.

Using examples from nature when teaching yoga helps us to connect to the beauty of what is all around us. We are part of the natural ecosystem that makes its home on the earth's surface and nature is within every cell of our being.